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Neanderthal flute constructed from a bear bone.

Greetings to everyone in our community of Small Anthropology Programs!

The 2013 annual AAA meeting is coming up next month in Chicago. http://www.aaanet.org/ 

Our own regular FOSAP gathering is

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hilton Conference Room 4G

This is over the noon hour, so bring your brown nag and we will see you there!


Organization & Purpose

FOSAP is a membership committee of the General Anthropology Division (GAD) of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It is designed to further the needs of faculty and students in small programs in Universities, Colleges, and Community Colleges, as well as public or private agencies, consulting firms, and any other small groups with interests in anthropology. Members are welcome who work with, or care about, such organizations. In practice, our interests have centered around coping with instability for small departments in times of academic downsizing and in the challenges and opportunities for teaching anthropology in such small departments. We are open to any other contributions and interests from our members and, in particular, in fostering interactions among members from different institutional backgrounds.


The current co-chairs of FOSAP are Sarah Hautzinger of Colorado College (CO), and Merrily Stover of University of Maryland- University College. They invite readers of this page to send them issues for FOSAP to address or ideas for FOSAP-sponsored symposia.

Secretary is Clare BoulangerCo-Editors of Anthro-At-Large are Christina Beard-Moose and Connie DeRocheWebmaster is Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone.

Becoming a Member of FOSAP

If you would like to join FOSAP, just send an email message to Tom Love with your name, mailing address, and preferred email address. He will add your name and contact information to the committee's membership list, and you will receive subsequent copies of the newsletter, ANTHRO-AT-LARGE.

We ask but do not require that our members also be members of the General Anthropology Division (GAD) of the American Anthropological Association. (GAD provides all of our funding.) For information about GAD, contact Chris Furlow .



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